A Mother’s Day Tribute – Written by the Army

Today’s post is a special tribute to Mothers everywhere.

Enjoy this homage written by several Positive People Army members.



How would you describe your mother?

Elvira Wrote: My momma is a small & feisty Italian Catholic widow (we lost my bff papa 4 years ago) who JUST discovered ‘The Secret’ and is reinventing herself at the ripe young age of 77 ☆ She is my hero for making it through years of depression after losing her constant companion of more than 50 years. She can honestly offer everyone of us HOPE ♡ It’s never too late to begin again…I truly believe.
Kathryn wrote: Strong, patient and very kind
 Lara wrote: My Mother is an extremely hardworking provider who deeply believes in God, family and righteousness.  She is extremely generous but pugnaciously stubborn in her fears and beliefs.  There is solidity in her that does not brook sarcasm or innuendos but she loves funny impressions and observations of people she recognizes.  She is the unnerving, frustrating contradiction that I admire and fear at the same time.  But seeing her go through life with no apologies, she inspires me to be my truest self and to live with courage and grace.

What is the most important lesson your mother taught you?

Kathryn wrote: To be strong and always believe in yourself

Dianne wrote: I guess my mom taught how to hold a family together and do the needful. My dad passed away when my brothers and I were young and we were never denied things that would make our life wonderful and mom never ever told us what she did without, and believe me it was plenty.  

Lara Wrote: That the things you need most in your life will not be something that you can buy or get, but will be brought to you from opportunities of grace through helping others in need. 

 I have never been truly altruistic as I have selfish inclinations, but I have a keen sense of  recognizing these opportunities for grace, which I learned from my Mother.  She has imparted me with the belief that when someone or something arrives to you for help, you must use your best abilities to provide assistance with no expectations for return. I do not get these opportunities very often and I may have missed many occasions to do this, but when I do, I pour my heart and soul into the endeavor.  It takes courage to help when you do not necessarily know how you can make a difference.  But by listening to your heart and soul you find a way.  
What I discover is that the more opportunities I take on along the way, the easier life’s hardships are to bear and that the blows landed on me come mightily but instantly and I find the resilience to recover. 

Please share one memorable story about your mother that still moves you to this day.

Elvira Wrote: What I remember best about her is when I would be seriously freaking out over an exam and would throw a hissy fit…saying “I’m going to fail” she would come into my room…look me straight in the eyes and say “Tusei STRONG” (loved how she combined English & Italian in one sentence)  I always passed. I guess I enjoyed the drama

Kathryn wrote: I had a restaurant and it was in the middle of Winterlicious with about 90 people scheduled to hit the 30 seat restaurant in 5 hours. One of my chef’s whose wife was pregnant called me the day of the craziest busiest day in the am to tell me that his wife’s water had broken. She was 3 weeks early. Absolute panic. I called my mom to help and she did not hesitate. I put the dishwasher upstairs on the bread/app station and my mom stayed in the basement and washed all the dishes – 90+ people, kitchen dishes etc. She was 68 at this time and she was in the basement helping us and cleaning until about 2 am. I am still amazed and grateful to this day.

Lara Wrote: I witnessed her selflessness as she gathered people to pray and donate money for a friend and colleague who was stricken and bedridden with cancer.  Since there is no health care in the Philippines, she knocked on doors of every executive officer in her office and asked for help on behalf of her friend and colleague.  She did the same with people in her office.  She is very proud but she used as much charm as she had to round up funds. I stood around hospital halls as she held prayer groups for this lady.  I never understood until now how much it took for her to do all this since she was single mother working two jobs to provide for three children under the age of 12 especially in a country where there are not as much financial opportunities for women. She did this all with fierce energy and clarity of spirit.  In the end her friend did not make it but the money she had raised helped to pay for the hospital bills and some of the funeral expenses, which would have otherwise financially crippled her friend’s family.


Leave a comment about what your mother means to you.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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