A Photo Is Worth A 1000 Words – Written by Tammy

All of us are on a journey. Sometimes the path is easy, whereas other times it can be difficult to navigate. No matter what road we go down, everyone in this lifetime can relate in one way or another.

Thank you Tammy for your inspiring words that it’ s never anyone’s right to ridicule or judge. We must have compassion and understanding for those who are struggling. No matter who they are.

Together we can truly make a difference.

Enjoy Tammy’s story!

Heidi Allen – Positive People Army Founder 


Someone I love brought this photo to my attention the other day.  Truth is I’d seen it on a popular social media sites already. In most cases, when people are making ‘fun’ of someone experiencing a process of ‘coming home’ to themselves, I let it pass. However when the photo was sent to me – directly to me – I felt it was sent with a greater intention.

It was sent to me by someone who knows about the inner adventure work that I do – have dedicated my life to – with a nudge to say look at this – there’s something deeper going on here. And she was right; I was able to interpret a much deeper message, one that I feel worth(y) sharing.

A message that has us taking a closer look at feelings of lower self-worth.  A message that has us holding up a mirror to ourselves. Perhaps even opening up the doors to feel a greater sense of compassion for those dealing with feelings of lower self-worth; who have asked the universe for assistance. And in asking for that assistance, they have opened the door to everything possible in an effort to direct healing to that area of ourselves.

I remember my Spiritual Adviser, the wisdom-FULL – Jeffrey Eisen, saying to me some years ago that we can deal with the things being brought to the surface in this lifetime or we can wait until the next and be faced with those same challenges again…….

To the far left of the photo, we witness a man at the top of his game.  A man celebrated as one of the most successful men in golf.  A beautiful wife, children, money and yes, I’ll say it, many other women as we now know on the side.  At this point in his life he was unstoppable. To the outside world he had it all and this was something he was likely reminded of by many on a regular basis.

But here’s the thing, all of those victories, all of those things celebrated, they only seek to mask the feelings of lower self-worth. It doesn’t change or fix them. If we are continually seeking to make ourselves feel better by going outside of ourselves we are not getting to the root or the origin of our feelings of lower self-worth.

To the far right of the photo we witness a man broken. A man just charged with a DUI and is no longer at the top of his game. Some would say he’s on a downward spiral and many will turn their backs on someone like this. Others may seek to take advantage of him or make snide remarks on social media in an effort to mask their own feelings of lower self-worth.

We’ve witnessed this man’s journey because he’s in the public eye and yet many of us in private have experienced much of the same; being at top of our game, only to succumb to some of life’s biggest challenges.

This process is shaking the core of our in-authenticity. The ‘fake’ foundation we have found ourselves standing on that is being rocked and broken down only so that we can re-build again from a place of strength. The real lesson in all of this is we need to be stronger than what happens to us.  We need to FEEL worthy no matter what.  It’s a difficult and painful process and yet it is what truly frees us.

Those faces in the photo, lined up like bars on a jail cell are holding a mirror of self-worth up to us all.

I know for me, there is no ridiculing of this man – this soul. I deeply honour his journey of coming home to himself and pray that he is able to find the strength that he is all that he needs to truly feel worthy.

Once found, the possibilities are endless.


Tammy Price is a Certified Medical Intuitive at Intuitively Yours , Co-Author of the soon to be released book, Shifting Into High Gear, a Guide to Listening to Your Body.

Tammy facilitates growth through online programs, workshops and retreats. Connect with Tammy at Shifting Into High Gear.


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