All Because Of My Nana – Written by Maria

Life can be very hectic. Between work, kids and any sort of social life we can all feel pulled in many different directions.

In some cases family time, especially extended family time gets pushed to the wayside.

When it comes to Maria’s family they have one person who constantly keeps the family together.

Please enjoy Maria’s tribute to her amazing Nana.

Heidi Allen – Positive People Army Founder 


In my family, this is my Nana.

Through thick and thin, good and bad she always brings us together. She feels it’s her mission to instill in us the need to lean and rely on each.

When my cousin died unexpectedly it was my Nana that brought us together. We didn’t go our separate ways. We didn’t stay at our respective homes and morn our loss. We came together and cried, talked, and supported each other.

All because of my Nana.

We’re not a small family, twenty-five to be exact, and it’s not always easy to get everyone together, but we do. All my cousins are growing up (I’m the oldest) and are doing their own thing. My mom has two brothers and one sister. Each of whom have their respective spouse and two children each. In fact we even have a bonus aunt. My uncle is divorced, but his ex-wife is still a part of the family even though they have both remarried.

Holiday get togethers are always a must for our family. Yet, this is not the only time we cram together in one house. We make it a priority to see each other regularly. The occasion could be to celebrate something, or for no real reason at all. We all just love how at every gathering we are loud, out of control and have way too much fun.

All because of my Nana.

Nana you are truly are the glue that holds us together. I wouldn’t ever change a thing.

Thank you Nana.


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