An Open Letter To The Last 365 Days – Written by Mary

The New Year is seen as a transition for many of us.

It’s a time to step back and reflect where we’ve been and where we want to go.

There may have been losses and struggles that occurred. A well as an appreciation of our good fortune.

Please enjoy Mary’s beautiful letter of reflection to 2016 and what she wants for 2017.

Happy New Year!


An open letter to the last 365 days.

2016 I don’t blame you personally.

In fact you were pretty amazing.

You gave me a wonderful job, brilliant new friends and so many of the loveliest babies I’ve ever met.

You didn’t let me get off easy and I have managed to locate a ” zen ” state of forgiveness and acceptance to that and those which I can’t change.

You let me follow my ethics and find happiness that for years I’ve missed.

I’ve watched so many of my friends flourish both personally and professionally, for that I am grateful.

However this past year – as with any year. I’ve watched people I love struggle with so much sorrow by external factors and unneeded stress  in their lives that it’s difficult to ignore.

I’m not a religious person but 2017, let’s just love your neighbours.

We live in Canada. Where there are people working every day to provide food, shelter and clean drinking water to our communities.

Join them !

How about this 2017 everyone gives back a bit more , forgives a bit more and sweats a bit more ?

Yours forever in learning,



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