Casting Call


 The Positive People Army and 5DTV
are excited to announce the PPA Experience!

What would happen if we took the power of
positivity to the streets?

Would it inspire change? Would it motivate communities?

Would it make a difference?

We are about to find out! 

Join PPA founder, Heidi Allen and 5DTV
for a NEW web series called the PPA Experience!

We’ve all heard positive words like gratitude, authenticity and passion,
but do you really know what it means to live them everyday?

Heidi Allen has been searching her entire life to understand what it means to live a positive life.
This drive helped her launch the Positive People Army website and the growing PPA Facebook group.

With the help of 5DTV, Heidi has decided to take it off-line and hit the streets of Toronto to talk to everyday people about positivity. With one positive theme each week, Heidi will take her
audience on a journey of discovery through thought-provoking questions,
inspiring stories and insights to better understand what it means to live a positive life.

Join Heidi every Tuesday evening starting May 15th, 2018 to experience an in-depth look at positivity to change your life!  We will also follow up every Sunday with a FB Live party to discuss how that week’s experience has influenced you to make positive change!


Casting Call:

We are looking for PPA members to share their story for this exciting new web series. Each episode will feature three people sharing their story. Heidi will interview all three to get a better understanding of each episode topic.

Did one moment truly change your life? Did you experience something that impacted you on a positive level? Were you able to shift your perspective and make a difference in your life?

Here are the episode topics we will be featuring and dates you will need to be available in Toronto.  Do you have a specific story you would like to share about:

  • Gratitude – March 18th
  • Perspective – March 18th
  • Trust – March 20th
  • Forgiveness – March 20th
  • Authenticity – March 22nd
  • Resiliency – March 22nd
  • Passion – March 27th

If so please fill in the form with your story. Once we have received your story we will contact you to submit an audition video.