Dance Like Nobody’s Watching – Written by Don

Life is filled with many challenges. In some cases we navigate through them, but with others we start to overthink it and make it a bigger problem than it is.

Don faced something very similar with his new dance student. Yet an old piece of advice from a colleague, not only helped him through the situation, it helped a young girl become the dancer she always wanted to be.

Enjoy Don’s inspiring story.

Heidi Allen – Positive People Army Founder 


My business partner and I had been operation a dance school for ten years when we got a request to teach a singles support group how to jive.

The way the classes worked was we started with a simple basic step and built on it every week. Once last week’s lesson was mastered we moved on. The key being that basic step is the foundation for everything we were going to teach.

Shelley taught the class and I danced with all the female students to make sure they had it. The ladies part was more complicated than the men’s. On week two the class was ready for the next step.

A new student had arrived so I stayed with her to get her caught up. Mary had both physical and mental limitations and was just not getting it. At the end of the class she asked about paying me. I honestly didn’t think that she was going to get it so I told her not to worry about payment for now. I gave her some tips and told her to go home and practice the basic step all week.

Week three , there was no progress with Mary. The class was moving on.  I just walked her through the new lesson to give her the shape of the figure but went right back to the basic step.

Again I spent the entire class devoted to Mary. As in the previous week she asked about paying me. I found some way to put her off. This repeated itself for ten weeks with Mary moving erratically and burring her finger nails into my hand.

On week ten, the last night of the course, I remembered something an old dance teacher used to preach. “You can think yourself out of a good dance”. With that I decided I wasn’t going to give Mary a chance to think about what she was attempting to do.

I told Shelly to put on the fastest jive in our collection. Between my strong lead and Mary never giving up, we managed something that looked like a jive.  The smile on her face lit up the room.

Then she dropped it on me. She looked at me and said “you didn’t think I could do it, did you ? ”  I simply replied, “Mary, you can pay me now”.

Mary learned how to jive and I learned never to underestimate anyone that is determined to do something.


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