Embracing a “why not” approach, and how it can change your life! – Written by Joanne

When you get right down to it, fear is always at the root of so many stuck moments. Instead of taking a chance, we passively limit our lives because of fear.

We might complain instead of solve. Let others decide our fate. Avoid new experiences. Give up dreams. And scariest of all: stop standing up for what we believe in.

Joanne understands this feeling of fear very well!  She realized fear was at the heart of a stuck moment and she needed to let go to live her best life.

Enjoy Joanne’s story.

Heidi Allen – Positive People Army Founder 


Do you want to overcome your fear and start living? Start by changing your “what if” attitude to a “why not” attitude and see the transformation start.

Clearly, I didn’t just make this statement up myself. I am certain I heard it from someone or even read it somewhere but my memory does not serve me well with the statements origin. What I do know for certain is that the statement resonated with me. Over the past few years I gave this statement a lot of thought, only my thoughts and energy wasn’t in favour for the statement, it was against it. I made up every excuse as to why I should consider all the what if’s before I attempted anything new. It became a serious bad habit, so much so, I lost myself to anxiety.

Most of the time my reasons for not doing something outweighed the reasons for trying it. Fear outweighed my freedom almost every time. Needless to say, I was not happy. I knew I needed a life upgrade, a level up and without it I would remain miserable.

It wasn’t until I let go of my fear and reminded myself that I was a life warrior. Each and every time fear knocked on my “haven’t done that yet” door, I would remind myself of the why not approach.

This was the beginning of a whole new life for me. I stopped making excuses out of fear, and started living; really living for the first time in my life. I leveled up and implemented a much needed upgrade to my life. Less fear equaled less anxiety, resulting in some amazing moments, experiences and memories. This necessary upgrade allowed me to accomplish some of my life goals and be successful with them.

The next time you find yourself face to face with that unwanted “what if” thought, remember you are only two words away from a glorious change. Celebrate that “why not” attitude with a glass of champagne, toast yourself, and know you’re worth the life upgrade.

My newest book, Lush & Luxe; Powered by Positivity, was released on Amazon March 8th, 2017. As the universe would have it, that day also marked International Women’s Day.

This book was designed with you in mind. Your self love voltage is showing and damn, you look electrifying! Lush & Luxe was created as a resource to help you walk away from this book feeling energized and charged. As busy women, we often run low on battery charge, so allow this book to be your voice of reason and let it boost your cells so you can continue on a full charge. Most importantly, I hope you know just how powerful you are, especially because you’re doing it all while conquering your life goals. Congratulations!

Never doubt your ability to succeed! Live your hash tag life unapologetically. You’ve got this, you always have.



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