From No Love To Authentic Love – Written by Kimberley

We use the word “love” for all kinds of situations from “I love pizza” to “God loves me”. But, what is love?

I believe love is bigger than we are. You can invite love, but you can’t dictate how, when, and where love expresses itself or if it’s authentic love.

For Kimberley she struggled with all aspects of emotional love most of her life. Yet the birth of her son changed everything. She finally felt authentic love.

From that moment on, authentic love has become her life long journey to understand.

Please enjoy Kimberley’s story.

Heidi Allen – Positive People Army Founder


My story of personal growth and development, like most, started in childhood. I was the youngest of two children from a middle class Canadian family. I knew something was not right from an early age when I didn’t want to be around humans. My experience with humans was that they were cold, they didn’t pay attention, they didn’t give affection and they punished. Then one day, we bought a dog. I remember having a feeling of “love” for the dog; although, I didn’t understand it, but I did want more.

My life quest became my search for that feeling of “love”. As I grew up and like most women, I sought it in boys and men, but it wasn’t there. It was when my son was placed on my chest after he was born when I experienced it – Authentic Love.

Authentic Love is similar to, but more than unconditional love that great spiritual masters have alluded to which includes acceptance, selflessness and non-attachment. It is eternal and necessary for our survival. It is the feeling of the soul, which is felt when the desires, needs and conditions of the ego are quiet.

What I have come to realize is that when we are not in this human existence, we experience a distinct connection of our consciousness with the Divine, where we are all inseparably linked. When we are born, we experience a form of separation from the Divine – the link is no longer obvious. The separation caused by birth can be drastic and difficult.

We then spend the rest of our lives seeking connections with lovers, parents, friends, community, work, or pets … anything that helps us to not feel disconnected. Similarly, we seek someone to make us feel whole because we feel like something, or this connection, is missing. We also typically seek something, such as material wealth and success or drugs and alcohol, to fill the void. What actually fills the void, what makes this connection, and what we are ultimately looking for is Authentic Love.

Since my son was born, I have experienced Authentic Love when I am with him, but also when I am with my spiritual teachers, in nature and mediating. I have learned how to consciously generate Authentic Love whenever I need to.

This life long process of understanding of Authentic Love has culminated, although I know there is more, in my book “Authentic Love: Quiet Your Ego and Be Your Soul”. This book describes what Authentic Love is, why we need it and how to generate it.


To read more about Kimberley’s journey check out her new book available through Balboa Press/Hay House  Authentic Love: Quiet Your Ego and Be Your Soul

More info is also available on Kimberley’s My website Kimberley Arnold and her Facebook page Authentic Love Book


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