Lost And Found – Written by Leslie

I’ve mention time and time again that I believe everything in life happens for a reason. We don’t always know in the moment why it has happened but eventually the reason and answers appear.

For Leslie, she was very upset when she lost something important to her, but without this occurrence she never would have found something with even more sentimental value.

I hope you enjoy Leslie’s lost and found tale.

Heidi Allen – Positive People Army Founder 


My friend and I went for a short mid-week visit to Banff.  It was a celebration for my 50th birthday and we celebrated in high fashion! Between dog sledding and the Banff Hot Springs we were having the time of our lives!

I hadn’t expected a gift, since the trip was an expense itself, but low and behold my beautiful friend surprised me with a little beribboned box. I knew she’d taken some time to pick it out because she was so excited for me to open it.

Lifting the lid off the box I was filled with joy to see a delicate silver bracelet. It was absolutely stunning. I felt truly grateful to have such a generous friend.

However as I picked up the bracelet I discovered it was broken. My girlfriend gasped! I could tell she was extremely disappointed. Sadly she explained she had bought a warranty for it, but didn’t expect to have used it. I quickly reassured her I would immediately get it fixed when we returned from our trip and not to worry because I loved it.

In the meantime my thoughtful friend used her tweezers to MacGyver a repair so I could wear it during our trip. Nervous I would lose it, I checked all day to make sure the bracelet was still there. I even set reminders on my phone to check regularly. Even with all my diligence I still managed to lose it. I don’t know exactly where it dropped off, but my best guess was at the Hot Springs. I was so upset, but even more distraught because we had to catch our flight home.

I called the folks at the Hot Springs, but unfortunately nobody had turned in a silver bracelet. I was determined to find it before we left, so I decided to head back to the spa to search myself.

We charged back up the mountain, racing against the ticking clock. I ran into the building, past the front desk and went directly to the change rooms. I searched my change stall, every towel bin and pretty much every surface area. The bracelet was nowhere to be found.

Before I left I made one desperate stop at the front desk hoping someone had turned my present in. Unfortunately a bracelet had not been found. However, the receptionist informed me they had found a gold and diamond earring, which he pulled out from under the cash register.

“Wow, it looks just like the ones I wear.” I declared.

Looking at both my ears the spa attendant remarked, “You’re only wearing one earring”.

I touched both my ears and he was right! The earring was mine.

Had we not gone back looking for the lost bracelet I wouldn’t have found the earring that had such sentimental value to me. The pair had been a gift from my husband years before and they were my favourite.

With my found earring we raced to the airport and didn’t miss our flight. Once back home, my friend and I visited the jewelry store with the empty box, the warranty and our story. They graciously replaced my lovely bracelet.

Sometimes we don’t know why things happen, but I’m truly grateful I did lose my bracelet that day.


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