What is the Positive People Army?


The Dictionary defines an army as a large number of people or things, typically formed or organized for a particular purpose.  The mission and mandate of the Positive People Army is to spread positivity like a beautiful virus to take the planet back!

We’ve all had moments when we’ve had to deal with something difficult. When we’ve felt alone or discouraged and all alone in the world. The PPA is determined to change that.

You may be wondering how the Positive People Army begin? The only way possible…a beautiful journey.

My name is Heidi Allen and two years ago a difficult breakdown lead to an incredible breakthrough and the Positive People Army was born.  It was a revelation I had truly searched for my entire life.

As a child I’d always felt and believed I was supposed to make a difference in the world, but I had no idea how I was going to do it. In search of my destiny, I set out on a journey that lead me from one career to another.

My first profession began as a successful wedding photographer, but the drive to do something bigger was larger than my love of photography. Determined to make my mark I packed in my photography business and set out to find what I would do next to make a difference. My next careers—wedding gown store owner, lifestyle editor for a popular wedding magazine, co-host for a morning drive radio show—were the same.

Next television came knocking and for six seasons I hosted and planned lavish and outrageous weddings for a popular wedding show, “Rich Bride, Poor Bride.”  I had become a Canadian Wedding Expert , yet there was still something missing and my search to figure out how I was to make a difference continued.

It wasn’t long before Bellmedia took notice and I was offered a producing role on the number one daytime Canadian TV show the Marilyn Denis Show. In this role, I had the opportunity to produce hundreds of fashion makeovers as well as producing high profile celebrities like Harry Connick Jr., Dan Aykroyd, Kim Cattrall and Molly Ringwald.

While working at Marilyn, all of a sudden something changed within me. I realized I was meant to motivate and inspire people on a larger level, but I still had no idea how I was going to achieve this dream. It was this lack of clarity that sent me into a dark, depressing breakdown.

For seven months I continuously asked myself how I was supposed to make a difference in the world, yet nothing came to me. With no answers in site I finally came up with a strategy to meet with myself once a week to understand what my future needed to be. Weeks of meetings went by and then one miraculous night I strung together three little words that forever changed my life….Positive People Army.

What started as a simple blog in the beginning soon shifted to a global Positive People Army Facebook Group that has begun a positive movement like no other!

The Positive People Army now consists of thousands and thousands of people from around the globe who also want to make a difference. Join me and so many others to become a member of the positive group or submit a story to inspire.

If your calling is so much more, join the EMPPACT leadership program and make a difference in the world by becoming a PPA leader and earning an income by running PPA positive workshops. Maybe your journey is signing up for a Positivity in Practice (PIP) workshop to bring a positive balance into your life.

What ever your journey is the Positive People Army is here to inspire, motivate, support and make a difference in your life.

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