Stop Being a Victim Of Your STUFF – Written by Crystal

I love Crystal’s realization that owning stuff didn’t make her happy. Letting go of attachments was freeing for her.

She found joy in the little things that touched her soul and brought her true happiness.



Attached = Victim.

I repeat, attached = victim. When you become attached to things, relationships, material things, situations, you become a victim of them. You give them all of your power and let them control your happiness.

I’m attached to my dog. Which, in turn, makes me a victim of not being able to just “leave town” for a few days or pack some luggage for a long haul without making arrangements. Heck, I can’t even grab drinks after the gym because the dog needs my attention. My attachment to him makes me the victim of his needs. See that?

Now, I’m not saying to ditch Fido. Trust me, he’s not going anywhere.

It’s just important that you SEE the connection, MAKE the connection and OWN the connection.

When making the decision to downsize, I didn’t do it easily (okay, so I actually probably did more than most). But I was tired of being a victim of my stuff. I had overwhelming closets filled with clothing I was NEVER going to wear (like those size 6 jeans… not likely to happen… and even if it did, I would want NEW jeans to celebrate). You get my bloody point?

Stop filling your life with STUFF so that it doesn’t own you; you own it.

Make a list. Right now.

What 5 things are you attached to? Own it.

Here’s mine:
1) Fido (aka Rhys Morrison Cuddlepup III)
2) The Man (Hugh)
3) My Passport (I dare you to take it from my cold dead hands)
4) My Laptop (while this could be replaced with pen/paper it’s how I earn a living)
5) … I don’t even have a 5, people.

What does it mean?

It means that in this grand thing we call life, if I have my dog, my guy, my passport and a laptop, I’ll be fine. Do you know how amazingly freeing that feels? For me, clothing (while I like it) doesn’t really matter. I don’t own 40 shoes (altho they could still use a downsize). I own some healing crystals, some essential oils, some malas. I have basic kitchen appliances with nothing fancy. We have a couch and a TV. I own a cellphone. But, if push came to shove… I don’t need any of those things to survive. I need my 5 (I mean 4).

Downsize your attachment to stuff. Start to let the joy in. I found mine rocking out to 90’s hip hop while walking the dog on a different route this morning. It’s in writing this blog post and sharing my heart. It’s seeing an old friend in concert tonight.

I don’t want to be owned by my stuff. Quite the opposite actually.

How about you?

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