The Day After My 29th Birthday – Written by Stephanie

All of us can relate at one time or another to that moment when life seemed to be humming along ok and then— BAM! Your soul screams out, “Not so fast! Listen up!” You’re in a breakdown.

It feels like the bottom dropped out, the rug got pulled, the cosmic two-by-four just came and whacked you upside the head calling for a “time out.”

For Stephanie this moment had been coming for quite a while, but it was her 29th birthday when it all came crashing down.

Stephanie’s story is raw, powerful and brutally honest. Take a moment to read her incredibly inspiring journey.

Heidi Allen
Positive People Army Founder


I remember a day that rocked me to my core.  It was the day after my 29th birthday.

I woke up alone, incredibly hungover and confused. I saw a birthday card at the foot of the bed from the guy that I was seeing at the time. He had left in the middle of the night.

Confused and irate, I blew his phone up for hours. I then proceeded to try and piece back fragments of the evening to see where I had gone wrong; what constituted someone literally leaving in the middle of the night…

I cried all day. “AGAIN, STEPH?! AGAIN?”

For a long time (and I’m talking a decade +) I spent hanging on to ‘relationships’ by a thread. I had a similar pattern.  Spin around on Tinder trying to be witty as fuck. Sexy but coy. Reserved but outgoing. Bubbly, but fierce. I had the same blurbs I would spit, the same first date banter…hell, I wore the same outfit each first date. My infamous blue dress…

It’s Funny, I thought that if I just kept doing what I was doing, dated enough guys,  that eventually one would stick.

I was told dating is a numbers game. I was told if I wanted to have sex immediately it was empowering. I was told to act like I didn’t give any fucks, that it would be alluring. I was even told to act like a bitch.

And guess what happened? I racked up dates like it was the last day on earth.

My date routine would consist of me putting out the same dress, giving myself the same pep talk trying to convince myself how much I’d slay this date and wink in the mirror. THIS guy will pick me. THIS guy will see me. THIS time it will work. Then I would slam down a bottle of wine. The chardonnay seemed to numb the horrible, lonely, aching sensation I was feeling.

They never picked me!

It just became a series of pep talks, white wine hangovers and smoke-stained clothes in a heap on the floor.

The dating books lied to me. The clouded judgement of some hazy, martini soaked date that I don’t even remember made me feel so icky. So defeated. I had to shift, and shift now.

I remember the last straw being the dude who ditched me in the middle of the night on my birthday. There couldn’t possibly be anything lower than that, right?

Shortly after that evening, I started my soul work. Started my journey. Started getting fucking bone honest with myself.

I started asking myself, what happened to connection? What happened to vulnerability? Why wasn’t it working for me?

After a while I figured it out. I got crystal clear. I knew what I had to do. I poured into my learning. I went away for 33 days to get even clearer. I changed my thinking. I changed how I saw men and relationships. I manifested, consciously.

Sixty days after my difficult, yet beautiful journey  I met my person. I didn’t know it at the time, but the universe answered my call.

He is my unicorn man. My boo. My soul thang. My eggplant. Our mothers have the same birthday. Our son was born a year to the exact DAY we first got together. It is a high frequency pairing that was delivered to me, from the cosmos. It gives me goosebumps even thinking about it. Universe, activated.

Now, I teach my method. I teach others, I share what happened, what I did, and what my life looks like now.

My company, GOOD LOVE is not just for some people, it is for anyone who decides they are worth having it.

GOOD LOVE is that tug in your soul when you know you are with the person you are supposed to be with. Every woman can have this, you simply need to tap into it.

My way of coaching is different… but I promise you if you do the work, and listen to my suggestions, your life will CHANGE.

Coaching with me. I only take on women who get it, are ready to un-fuck themselves, go from Tinder to taken, and are excited about no bullshit, soul guided, hella intuitive and slightly intense coaching, this is your sign.

If you feel the tug, let’s talk. My 1:1 spots fill in advance, and the universe needs you to do your part. Let’s co-create.


For more information On Stephanie and her company check out GOOD LOVE Co.  


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