Lucky Charms…Aren’t just for kids!

For years people have carried around lucky charms to bring them good luck; a lucky rabbits foot or a found four leaf clover. Are they really lucky or is this just a belief…and does it really matter? I have mentioned in previous posts that I attract people who are “lost souls”. I have never searched […]

A simple Gesture – My Aha Moment

Sometimes one simple moment can make you look at your life completely different. For me, this moment was a simple gesture for another person. It was my Aha moment. There’s a local jazz bar that my husband and I love to go to every now and then. We’ll go on Saturday afternoons, have a couple […]

I found Courage with an Army!

For most of my life I talked myself into thinking I was a very courageous person. Nothing ever stopped me from doing or saying what I wanted. But it turns out I wasn’t being courageous at all. Having a big mouth and a strong personality doesn’t make you courageous, though it can make everyone around […]

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