Taking a moment for myself has become a very sacred thing in my life.  Not just to reflect or have some alone time, but to meditate.

However it’s not always easy.

Army member Michelle can totally relate.

Please take a moment to appreciate Michelle’s enjoyable attempt at day 21 of her online meditation mantra.

Heidi Allen – Positive People Army Founder 


I’ve been doing a online meditation and the mantra for Day 21 is Eem, Hreem, Shreem. (My being radiates wisdom, truth, and abundance.)

Here’s the thing about meditation. The majority of those of us that do it (I’m guessing) do not sit blissfully for an hour, lost in connection with spirit. We are not transcendent.

Every day my meditation is a constant returning to my breath. It’s constant return to focus.

I focus on my breath. Feel it going in and out. Introduce the mantra. Eem, Hreeem, Shreem. I feel my chest expanding. Feel a lightness inside.

“I think I should adjust the air conditioning. It’s pretty cool in here and this is costing money.”


Eem, Hreem…”maybe I’ll have Pad Thai instead of the Pho for dinner”.

Shreem… Eem, Hreem, Shreem. I feel connected to the cosmos. Eem. Deep breath in. Hreem. Deep breath out. Shreem. “Shrimp. Maybe I’ll have shrimp in my Pad Thai instead of chicken”.


Back to my breath. I can feel my belly rise.

Ding. The bell chimes and it’s over.

Some days are better than others. Some days are worse. And that’s ok.

The point is, I try. Every day I connect with the universe. I connect with my source multiple times during the day. I connect with the love that is my essence and is a part of us all.

And every day as I go back again and again to focusing on my breath, I am training myself to recognize my thoughts. I am rewiring my mind, so that old patterns of fear and worry are replaced with new ones of love and joy.

As humans, we are all prone to getting stuck in our humanness. We forget that we are more.

We can all have negative, self-defeating thoughts. We can all have limiting ideas about our life, but we also have the gift of choice.

We can choose not to give our negativity a lot of airtime. We have the choice to recognize when we are going down the rabbit hole and to stop. Go back to our breath. Go back to love. Go back to connection. Go back to creation.

We are gifted, my friends. Each and every one of us. We have the choice to create instead of destroy. To build up. To celebrate. To revel in our uniqueness and our gifts.

Today, I am grateful for my meditation. For the gift of words so that I can write about it. For this laptop I am typing on. Life is good. And I’m going to have the shrimp.


To learn more about Michelle check out her link at Michelle Freemark 


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