Talk About It Tuesday – Breaking the Rules!

Do you break the rules? I’m not referring to the rules that are useful (and life-saving!) when they protect our safety. Traffic lights, for instance, are important to obey. I’m talking about life rules we ponder, question, and really need to break. These are the rules that aren’t so obvious. Sometimes these rules are assumptions […]

Happy Fri-YAY – Simple Pleasures!

Since kindergarten, many people have been conditioned to think of summer as a break from routine and responsibility. And this “schools out” mindset even carries over into adulthood. Even though the work world operates year-round and responsibilities don’t suddenly cease, we reflexively feel more carefree during the summer months, like we did when we were […]

Talk About It Tuesday – Milestone Moments!

Today is my 15th Wedding Anniversary!! Such an incredible milestone moment!  You see, life is speckled with these amazing, champagne-bottle-popping life events that happen at one point or another. Beautiful milestone moments that often come hand-in-hand with a lot of hard work, incredible memories and are definitely worthy of celebration beyond a doubt. Yet, I […]

Think About It Thursday – Self-Care

Throughout life, we’re taught to extend love outwards—to be kind to others, to share, to shower others with compassion, empathy, and generosity. Yet, when it comes to directing all those gifts to yourself, it often feels less natural.  Yet, here’s the thing…by practicing self-care, and learning to extend love toward yourself, you begin to cultivate […]

Motivational Monday – How do you speak to people you love?

How do you speak to the people you love?  I’m guessing you speak to your family and friends from a place of kindness and love.  Yet, how do you speak to yourself?  By that, I mean, what is the tone of your inner dialogue: the conversations we have with ourselves in the privacy of our […]

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