A Photo Is Worth A 1000 Words – Written by Tammy

All of us are on a journey. Sometimes the path is easy, whereas other times it can be difficult to navigate. No matter what road we go down, everyone in this lifetime can relate in one way or another. Thank you Tammy for your inspiring words that it’ s never anyone’s right to ridicule or […]

PTSD….I Never Saw That Train Coming – Written by Dave

Life can be difficult and hard to navigate sometimes. It’s during these times that we need to rely on our family and friends the most to help pick up the pieces. However for Dave he wasn’t just going through a tough time. His entire life was imploding around him. A battle that could have been […]

The Moment I fell In Love With My Body – Written by Sophia

We all have that little voice inside our head that  can prevent us from doing and being the person we want to be. Thoughts that tell us life is impossible, success is unattainable and we are not worthy .  Yet none of this is true! Each and every one of us is unique and beautiful […]

It Broke! – Written by Natalie

Sometimes a simple moment can change everything. It can give perspective you didn’t expect. For Natalie a smashed mirror on her bathroom floor was her Aha moment and a reflection she didn’t expect. Enjoy Natalie’s inspiring story. Heidi Allen – Positive People Army Founder  *************************************************************************** The darn mirror that I use every day to see […]

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching – Written by Don

Life is filled with many challenges. In some cases we navigate through them, but with others we start to overthink it and make it a bigger problem than it is. Don faced something very similar with his new dance student. Yet an old piece of advice from a colleague, not only helped him through the […]

Traumas Are Portals To Awakening – Written by Danielle

A year and a half ago I went through a breakdown, which turned into an incredible breakthrough and the beginning of the Positive People Army.  It’s actually amazing how a difficult period can lead to a beautiful awakening. For Danielle, her heartache came with the loss of her husband. However opening up her heart again […]

My Winning Tiara

Over the years I’ve had many careers. I’ve owned a wedding gown store, co-hosted a radio show, and been a TV personality and producer. However my very first career was as a professional wedding photographer. I truly loved being a photographer, but I loved being a part of people’s special wedding day even more. I […]

Age Is Just A Number – Written by Tammy

The universe doesn’t have any limits on how it will speak to you.  A billboard may have a particular phrase on it that you needed to read. Maybe you’ll think of someone and then hours later run into them at the grocery store. The intelligence of the universe is boundless. It’s always connected to you […]

Lost And Found – Written by Leslie

I’ve mention time and time again that I believe everything in life happens for a reason. We don’t always know in the moment why it has happened but eventually the reason and answers appear. For Leslie, she was very upset when she lost something important to her, but without this occurrence she never would have […]

It Was Divine Intervention – Written by Vita

I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Good or bad, it’s meant to be. This is can also be true for the people that come into our life. Sometimes you know right away that they were meant to be there. Either to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson, or to help […]

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