Think About It Thursday – Words are powerful!

I love to read. I find it one of the most powerful gifts I can give myself because written words can be incredibly powerful, insightful, inspiring, adventurous and even motivating. This is also the case when words are spoken. In fact, our spoken words are more powerful than you can imagine. Words can be used […]

Positive Story Wednesday – The Beggar and the Treasure!

A beggar sat on the road for more than thirty years begging for pennies. One day a man passed by the beggar… “Spare some change?” asked the beggar.  The man replied, “I have nothing to give you, but what is this thing you are sitting on?” The beggar said, “It’s an old box I’ve been […]

Think About It Thursday – Ditching the emotional mask!

 I love to wear hats! I have for years and own a pretty nice collection of them! I wear them for fashion or because I’m having a bad hair day…like today hahahahah. Yet, no matter what the reason I’m still showing up as myself. 💖 I say this because there was a time when I wore […]

Positive Word Wednesday – Be your authentic self!

So, I was getting ready and had some music playing and I heard the song by Lionel Richie called “Easy”. It’s an old song, but such a great one! Yet, today the song really struck a chord with me when I listened to the verse… Why in the world would anybody put chains on me?I’ve […]

Talk About It Tuesday – Connection is amazing self-care!

 I’m guessing you’ve heard the term “self-care” before, right? Like sinking into a warm bubble bath, scribbling in a journal before bed, or maybe meditating quietly. These are all perfect self-care practices anyone can do. Yet, have you ever thought of social connection as self-care?  That’s right, hanging out with friends, catching up with family […]

Motivational Monday – How do you motivate yourself?

How do you motivate yourself? Are you like me and love listening to music with powerful words? For me this is everything!! This photo is actually me listening, on full blast, singing and dancing to Diana Ross’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. The words actually motivate and make me feel invincible…and that I can truly […]

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