Change Your Thoughts And You Change Your World – Written by Melanie

Throughout my life, I’ve had many dreams. Some have been small, whereas some have been extremely large and life changing. Yet, one thing I’ve learned the most, is nothing was achieved without sheer determination, belief in myself and a lot of hard work. As a coach and mentor, Melanie understand what it takes to make […]

Getting Vulnerable – Written by Sandy

There was a time when I struggled daily with vulnerability, which stemmed from toxic relationships in my life. I had been raised to believe,  if people knew who I was or saw my weaknesses I would not be worthy of a deep connection that I craved. Of course this is untrue. Brené Brown describes vulnerability best, as […]

From No Love To Authentic Love – Written by Kimberley

We use the word “love” for all kinds of situations from “I love pizza” to “God loves me”. But, what is love? I believe love is bigger than we are. You can invite love, but you can’t dictate how, when, and where love expresses itself or if it’s authentic love. For Kimberley she struggled with […]

The Day After My 29th Birthday – Written by Stephanie

All of us can relate at one time or another to that moment when life seemed to be humming along ok and then— BAM! Your soul screams out, “Not so fast! Listen up!” You’re in a breakdown. It feels like the bottom dropped out, the rug got pulled, the cosmic two-by-four just came and whacked […]

PRIMETIME Success – Written by Christy

I truly believe the universe has a way of guiding and pushing us toward our dreams and goals. This is achieved every day with subtle signs, ideas and lessons. Yet, what happens when you don’t pay attention and listen to the messages? For Christy, she had been ignoring her signs for years. So the universe […]

A Photo Is Worth A 1000 Words – Written by Tammy

All of us are on a journey. Sometimes the path is easy, whereas other times it can be difficult to navigate. No matter what road we go down, everyone in this lifetime can relate in one way or another. Thank you Tammy for your inspiring words that it’ s never anyone’s right to ridicule or […]

PTSD….I Never Saw That Train Coming – Written by Dave

Life can be difficult and hard to navigate sometimes. It’s during these times that we need to rely on our family and friends the most to help pick up the pieces. However for Dave he wasn’t just going through a tough time. His entire life was imploding around him. A battle that could have been […]

It Broke! – Written by Natalie

Sometimes a simple moment can change everything. It can give perspective you didn’t expect. For Natalie a smashed mirror on her bathroom floor was her Aha moment and a reflection she didn’t expect. Enjoy Natalie’s inspiring story. Heidi Allen – Positive People Army Founder  *************************************************************************** The darn mirror that I use every day to see […]

Traumas Are Portals To Awakening – Written by Danielle

A year and a half ago I went through a breakdown, which turned into an incredible breakthrough and the beginning of the Positive People Army.  It’s actually amazing how a difficult period can lead to a beautiful awakening. For Danielle, her heartache came with the loss of her husband. However opening up her heart again […]

My Winning Tiara

Over the years I’ve had many careers. I’ve owned a wedding gown store, co-hosted a radio show, and been a TV personality and producer. However my very first career was as a professional wedding photographer. I truly loved being a photographer, but I loved being a part of people’s special wedding day even more. I […]

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