Expression comes in all forms. Stories, music, art  and poetry. Today I’m thrilled to post the first poem to the Positive People Army blog.

Olivia’s words are passionate, beautiful and inspiring.

Enjoy a little poetry!

Heidi Allen – Positive People Army Founder 


The musk takes a sweep
The souls dust flutters away
The hearts forever speak
And the tears will soften and lay

But people still hurt
Why must we watch
How can we help

Someone once told me it’s going to be okay
Those words forever, all human beings must say
Is it really?
Are we going to get out alive?
Why is it so important to truly live and really thrive?

Because dear one, all we have is now…
One big shot, one big ca pow

Grab it by the tale
Show me the way
Make your own boat and sail
That is all I have left to say…

It’s going to change path
It’s doing to change directions
But trust the uncertainty of the math
And never look back to your sad recollections

Make sure it’s real
Make sure it defines your soul
It’s important that you feel
All that’s in your own magnificent bowl

The cereal feeds your body
The blueberries awaken your heart
Everything you’ve ever known
Is in that beautiful bowl of art

Don’t just sit there
Dig in, go for it.
Jump into the thick dreamy milk,
The one that calls you crazy, and melts your knees like they’re silk

Why must there be sadness?
Only to reach out for hope?
Sometimes we’re left with a mess
And other times just barely hanging on to cope

Happiness is real
It defies the strength in your heel
Happiness is there
Simply squeeze a soft teddy bear

Pain will come and go
The contrast of the feels
There will be forever sorrow
But just throw on those sexy heels

The tears are there so our hearts can understand
That no matter what there is always a helping hand
Those smiles can be fake
The cries always held in
But just for goodness sake
Reach out and feel her gentle loving skin

Happiness is real
Let me tell you one more time
We’ve all felt it
Through a simple poem or a cheesy rhyme

The pain is here to remind us of the love
Because sometimes we forget
Let it motivate you to go higher than above
Speak to everyone, even if you just met

That’s been the soul key in my life
Is to put myself out there
I talk to everyone despite strife
Because there is always love and care

Let me tell you one thing
It’s to love more than you may have received
Forgive more than you may have forgotten
Cherish more than others will and do
Because at the end of the day all you’ve got is you.


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