I feel honoured to share today’s post written by my dear friend Aaron.  His story is truly inspirational.



Growing up I’ve always loved my hair, it was my crown and glory and always made me feel better about how I looked and gave me confidence. From the young age of 7 I would hang around in the bathroom with the mirror and a can of my mothers hairspray. I would style my hair all day if I could, only that my mam would grab her hairspray out of my hands because I would use it all in that one day. Even when myself and my sister would play as kids it would be all about the hair, we would style barbies for hours creating the latest trends.

Through my teenage years myself and my hair have been through many adventures, using lots of colours, creative cuts and people would always comment on how cool my hair looked. I had no confidence in myself in those years, my hair was my comfort blanket and the only thing I really liked about myself. When people made those comments of approval it made me feel noticed and special.

Myself and my hair strutted through the gay scene in my late teens and early twenties and we flipped around on the dance floor. Hair was a big deal on the scene as the bigger the hair the hotter you were. Most of us would have hair offs and who could pull off the latest trends and who had the most volume. My hair was a big deal then and made me feel attractive, confident and youthful.

Into my late twenties I started to notice a little thinning but it wasn’t a big deal as no one was really bald in my family and I thought I was safe but as I got older it got progressively worse. I move to the present day now 33 years of age and in the past few weeks, on top of my male pattern thinning I’ve had clumps of hair come out due to a bit of stress or god knows what and had horrible patches around my head.

My hair means a lot to me, at one point in my life it meant everything as I thought it defined me. Then I said FECK IT, SURE ITS GRAND and I shaved the whole lot off. In that moment I realized I have my health, my husband and my amazing family. I am relieved, I feel liberated, I feel thankful that I have everything I have in life and that hair isn’t the only thing about me that people love. So if your feeling down about hair loss remember that it doesn’t make you the person you are just own it, stay positive and if you shave it or lose it all I promise the world won’t end.


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