Today I needed to make peace with myself. You see, I generally go for a walk at 6:00 am with my husband every morning before I do my workout. I’m actually really proud of my routine and self-discipline. However, the last couple of days, because I’ve been super busy, I felt really tired when I got up and didn’t go for a walk. Yet, when I made the same decision this morning I started emotionally beating myself up for not going. 

How many of you do the same thing? The moment you decide not to do something, you start the negative talk in your head. 

Listen, it’s great to have goals. Everyone needs to strive to achieve things. But is it necessary to constantly seek perfection and then beat ourselves up for every misstep?

Now I believe a healthy dose of self-critique can be helpful. Through this, we find new ways to improve, better connect, and become more self-aware and humane. However, it never helps if done in excess. The repeated effects of this practice are detrimental. Instead of helping you reach your goals or become a better version of yourself, self-criticism only belittles you and erodes your peace of mind.

So, once I realized what I was doing…I stopped, took a step back and gave myself a little perspective. I may not have taken my walk the last couple of days, but I did listen to my body and let it get a little more rest — YES. I also acknowledged that I still did my regular workout and felt proud that I had achieved it. By doing this simple practice I was able to make peace with myself and ditch the negative nelly inside my head and continue on with my day…happy, proud and with a positive outlook. 

Are you ready to make peace with yourself today?

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