Something I’m really aware of is that I tend to think “What’s next?” after reaching a goal. Even when I have amazing success, somehow my mind shifts to how can I succeed what I’ve accomplished.

In fact, I used to think that success by itself would automatically make me pause and reflect. But I now know that, at least for me, it needs to be a very conscious effort to take time to enjoy and celebrate progress and milestones.

You see, what I’ve learned is celebrating is important because it reflects an overall attitude of gratitude and enjoying what we have. Providing us the opportunity to take a much-needed break, to reset, and then to set even bigger and bolder targets. Additionally, celebrations let us reflect on the right path forward before setting out on it, and to build confidence for the future by acknowledging what we’ve been able to achieve in the past. Instead of focusing on what we don’t have or only on what we want in the future.

So, now I take the time to celebrate and last night was one of those amazing celebrations for hitting an incredible goal! It was amazing!! 

Are you celebrating your achievements? Take some time today to celebrate! 

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