Signs are all around us.  They can be very subtle at times or a slap in the face.  Sometimes it’s a story shared that we relate to and need to hear in that moment.  It may be something simple, like a message on a poster or a song lyric on the radio.  Some say it’s coincidence. I believe it’s real! If you ask for an answer a sign will be shown. It doesn’t matter how they come, we just have to make sure we are listening or paying attention enough to understand it.

I have had many signs in my life, here is one that actually helped change the course of my life.

During my first marriage, towards the end, it was very clear we were going to separate.  As one last ditch effort my husband suggested we take a Caribbean vacation to see if there was anything left saving.  Having a hard time dealing with the end of our marriage, I agreed to take the trip. For one week we relaxed in the sun and tried to reconnect. Everyday I would ask…could we really make this marriage work. By the end of the trip I felt like it has been a great vacation. In fact, as I boarded the plane I thought to myself..”maybe I CAN make this work”.

Without knowing a sign was about to be revealed to me about my marriage.

An hour into the trip home I decided to watch the in-plane movie, “Serendipity” starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. I love John Cusack and was thrilled the movie was available. The movie plot unfolded with a very clear message to me…don’t settle, making a hard choice can lead you to the person you are destined to be with for true love and happiness. I felt like the movie was specifically talking to me. It was the slap in the face I needed.

As the movie ended I couldn’t control my tears. I knew in that moment, without a doubt, my marriage was over. I ended the relationship not long after that sign.

It was a tough message to hear, but it forced me to realize I needed to make a difficult decision to be truly happy.

Flash forward, I did find the love of my life and I have been happily married for over 11 years.  My husband is also a huge fan of Serendipidty becasue without it I never would have found him.

Recently another movie spoke to me. Once I realized I knew I wanted to create something to help make a difference, I asked for a sign to help me figure out what it was.  A few days later I came across a timeless favourite on TV while flipping through the guide…Field of Dreams.  The message “If you build it, they will come” resonated with me.  It gave me goosebumps! I knew in that moment I needed to create a website/blog.  I had been given a sign.

Now a month later I have built it and you are all coming! The Positive People Army is happening!



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