We all have a past we may not like. Memories we don’t want to share and people we wish we’d never met. Yet, these moments don’t have to define us.

We have a choice how we want to live and what we want for our future. For Leanne, she knew she had a bight light within her and never gave up searching for her calling.

Please take a moment to read Leanne’s inspiring story.

Heidi Allen – Positive People Army Founder


My journey began thirty eight years ago as I was born to a beautiful soul, whom did not know her worth.

One cannot foresee the love a Mother possesses until she becomes the mirror.

A small disarranged house was my world as a child. The smell of home cooked food and cigarette smoke always filled the air. Standing in the kitchen a tired and worn woman stood of great strength and grace. The woman was my Mother Brenda. She was love and kindness, but darkness always consumed her.

There are so many memories that echo through my mind as I start to write my life’s book. Some I wish to remember, most I wish to forget. Writing has now become a cathartic journey I didn’t expect. I soon discover I’m breaking down walls of my childhood and a failed marriage. I’m overcoming the darkness of being brutally broken inside. Four walls and no windows, my Mothers thoughts seem to become mine, but I won’t let them. I find myself alone yet I’m starting to let my light shine.

Raising my twelve year old daughter, I know I had little eyes watching me, as I did my Mother. Only difference was I knew I had to change the cycle. I can’t become my mother’s sadness; I would only become kindness I saw deep inside her.

The universe heard me and gifted me a beautiful job as a Dialysis Aide at the SCS hospital. It’s here that I would discover I have a very special ability inside me; empathy. Every day I would touch many souls and help and inspire those in need. I do not have a degree or college diploma, but I’ve discovered I have so much love, faith and determination. I believe in the impossible and believe I have a very special gift to share.

As my light begins to shine brighter, I know I’m walking into the woman I was meant to be. Therefore I ask the Universe to bring me the right people to continue my journey. To my surprise and delight the Universe would answer me once more with exactly what I need. I was so honoured to have crossed paths once with Heidi Allen and be helped, but now when I need her most she was brought to me again.

I’m so excited to begin a new chapter in my life, to help make a difference and become a leader of the Positive People Army. I always knew there was something more I was meant to do and now I stand in gratitude and excitement for my future.

The time has arrived and I would like to introduce myself. My name is Leanne Weasner and I’m so proud to be Brenda’s daughter. We are all energy and I believe there is hope for all. Don’t ever give up. Shine your light and love.


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