I truly believe everything happens for a reason. A chance meeting, an unexpected opportunity or even an unforeseen accident must occur. All are required to set you on your destined path.

For Cheron a financial opportunity became the journey of a lifetime for her. A  discovery of true self-love.

Please enjoy Cheron’s inspiring story of love, self-love and affirmations.

Heidi Allen – Positive People Army Founder


“Infinite prosperity is mine to share; I am blessed.” ~ Louise Hay

When I initially began this beautiful journey of transformation, I was simply looking for an opportunity to earn more money, in order to have the freedom to spend time with my children. As well as all the other benefits we desire that come with financial freedom (cleaning up the debt, travelling, shopping till you drop :), etc). Yet, unbeknownst to me, this desire was the beginning of a life changing journey!

In the beginning I was presented with an opportunity to make money, but I must confess, I haven’t worked a day at that opportunity at all.  Yet, I strongly believe this was a vital part of my journey; it led me to study Personal Development.

During this process I slowly began to realize that even though I wanted to make money, there appeared to be a void in my life. Needless to say, I began the pursuit to fill this void. And boy, AM I happy I did! I found Love!

At first, I didn’t understand this new love. I believed I had Love. I had the Love of my family and friends and I loved them too. My A-Ha moment came when I realized I was actually seeking LOVE of MYSELF!

Knowing how to really love myself, first and foremost, is the most incredible feeling in the world. It set me free from other people’s opinions of me.  It gave me the confidence to pursue opportunities I once believed were only for others. Love gave me the wings to soar like an eagle to greater heights. It also made it easier to love and appreciate others for who they really are. To see the profound beauty of them.

As my journey of self exploration continued to unfold, I started to ask myself how I could start generating an income from this. Then I received the answer I was looking for in the form of the above noted affirmation by the Late Louise Hay. Immediately I felt these were the words I needed to use.

As I began writing out the quote, it hit me!! Whilst I yearn for financial freedom, there is a process I need to go through. The process of knowing what it is to be wealthy in love, wealthy in compassion, wealthy in my time and wealthy in sharing before I’m able to really appreciate being wealthy financially.

In light of this realization, I added to the affirmation to help me – “Infinite prosperity in ALL aspects is mine to share; I AM blessed.” This one little change worked and my company “Your Canadian Sister” started to prosper.

Now I urge you to do the same thing and watch for the money. Keep love the order of the day. Always put a little love in your heart for yourself and those you come into contact with. Remember, YOU are Loved! YOU Matter! YOU are Beautiful and YOU are Amazing!

The Heartfelt Mission of “Your Canadian Sister” is to help people find their wings, so they too can soar like an Eagle! It is our honor to humbly serve you.

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