Positive People Army Founder, Heidi Allen makes many media appearances each year where she shares positive, practical tools that offer greater possibilities and new choices for living. Check out her latest articles and appearances here!

Heidi Allen sits down with Susan Hay, Global News Anchor and host of Making a Difference to discuss the Positive People Army. An initiative that started out as a simple blog but soon shifted to become a global movement. Susan Hay has the story.


Heidi Allen’s Radio Interviews


Newstalk 610 LARRY FEDORUKHeidi discusses how a password can change your life 

Newstalk 1010 THE NIGHT SIDE WITH BARB DIGIULIOHeidi discusses treasuring hunting your own life to find your passion

Heidi’s Print Interviews

Toronto Sun – Tips For Staying Positive During the Holiday Season 

Optimyz Magazine – Pinch, Smile and Celebrate 

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Heidi Allen’s writing is featured on popular news and magazine websites.

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