There’s nothing more crippling than feeling overwhelmed. Whether you’re being struck down by anxiety or drowning in a never-ending to-do list. 📃

Can you relate?

You see, as someone who always takes on some pretty big goals, this is something I deal with on a regular basis. Yet, even when it creeps up I always take a moment to remember that this too shall pass and I remind myself that my goals are bigger than any negative, overwhelming feeling.

For me, it’s also important to be aware that these feels can bubble up and I need to be prepared at all times. Especially as an entrepreneur! 

To do this, I love to make my workspace all about my goals. I actually put post-it notes and motivational quotes everywhere! Around my desk, in my bedroom and even on my phone to remind myself of my goals and what my WHY is. Creating these reminders of my WHY helps me stay focused even when feeling overwhelmed.

Also, staying in the present moment is imperative for me! When racing thoughts of the past and future take over I take a moment to refocus and snap myself back to the present. My trick to do this is to pinch the skin between my thumb and finger and concentrate on what the feeling is. It’s a super easy practice that instantly brings me back to the present moment. 

Whatever you decide to do when you feel overwhelmed always remember to be gentle and kind to yourself. Do things that feel good to you; things that are positive, comforting, healthy and uplifting….because this is just a breakdown of your thoughts, not a breakdown of your actual life.

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