They say fear has two definitions. Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise. I know for me I’ve experienced both in my life. 

Especially when it came to jumping on the back of Mike’s motorcycle. My immediate reaction when Mike and I planned our first road trip on his bike was to back out of it. Yet, I knew Mike would have been disappointed. So, with every amount of courage I could muster up I agreed to take the trip with him. I’m so grateful I did! It truly was an awesome experience and I quickly realized there was nothing for me to fear. 

You see, the way I look at it is that overcoming fear is a requirement if you want to achieve your dreams and live an extraordinary life. And the best way to overcome fear is to practice fear. By practice fear, I mean you should regularly do something that scares you.

This expands your comfort zone and makes you better at overcoming fear in the future. The size of your comfort zone and your willingness to grow that comfort zone is directly proportional to how remarkable your life is.

So, as you begin this week I suggest doing something that scares you. It really will bring you closer and closer to your dreams! 

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