What is the Positive People Army?

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Our Mission Is To Spread Positivity and Take The Planet Back.

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Started by Founder Heidi Allen, what began as a blog has rapidly become a global movement with thousands of people all over the world working together to make a difference.

With previous careers as a wedding gown store owner, lifestyle editor for a popular wedding magazine, co-host for a morning radio show, and host for 6 seasons of the popular wedding show, “Rich Bride, Poor Bride”, Heidi ended up as a producer on the number one daytime Canadian TV show – the Marilyn Denis Show.

After producing hundreds of fashion makeovers as well as high profile celebrities like Harry Connick Jr., Dan Aykroyd, Kim Cattrall, and Molly Ringwald, and becoming a 3-time award winning producer, starting a company whose focus was to make a real difference in people’s lives became her passion.

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The Positive People Army hosts seminars and events to deliver education that empowers people with an understanding of how to live a more positive life. With a community of over 20,000 members in less than a year, teaching and sharing positivity with tactical tools, leading scientific research, Positivity in Practice strategies and the spirit of “doing life differently”, our mission is growing.

We have several random acts of kindness projects that we champion in an effort to constantly make tiny splashes of kindness easy for others to activate, and be recognized for #ppaitforward. 

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Alongside of Heidi’s husband Mike, their sons Michael and Haydn, dogs Hailey and Abby, cats Lucy, they are committed to working together to demonstrate teamwork, positive living, compassion, generosity, contribution, possibility, community, support, leadership and rallying together the positive loving forces in this world to help the good guys win.

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