There are times in life when one single moment can change everything.  The birth of a child, landing a dream job or winning the lottery. All amazing instances that in the blink of an eye bring forth joyous transformation. Yet, what if that one single instant was devastating.

In Celia’s case her day started pretty normal, until one single act demolished the life she knew.

Take a moment to read Celia’s incredible journey back from a shattering moment.

Heidi Allen – Positive People Army Founder


On October 28, 2006, my day started out like most Saturdays; wake –up, chat on the phone with friends and enjoy many plans of the day.

On this particular day it went something like this. First I ran some errands. Then I meet my friend Elsa for an enjoyable coffee at Timothy’s Café. After that I ran home to change and relax followed by a late-afternoon date with my girlfriend Janice for a quick girl’s catch up at Sassafraza restaurant in Yorkville. Next on my agenda was meeting up with pals Rogner and John for dinner at their place, to celebrate a birthday.

The day had been amazing, but I didn’t quite make it to Rogner’s and John’s.

As I attempted to open my eyes, the light was blinding. I didn’t recognize my surroundings. Was I dreaming? I tried to focus … “she’s awake” I heard someone say– then a flurry of questions from all directions. My head and body felt like it had gone through a meat grinder. Where was I?

“You’ve been in a terrible accident and you’re going to be ok” I heard someone say. The voice was familiar. I realized it was my sister, but what was she doing here and where was I? What accident, I thought?

Over the next few days I would learn I had been struck by a car while crossing the street to Rogner and John’s house. I had suffered serious life threatening internal injuries, had multiple broken bones, my right elbow was destroyed and I had sustained an ABI (acquired brain injury). I had received over 54 Units of blood, been given a trial drug and not expected to live. I also found out that almost a month had past and it was the end of November.

The next few months would become a blur.  I went through various rehabilitation processes. I had to learn to speak, eat, and walk. I also found it difficult to recall things and usually, what I wanted to say, was not what came out of my mouth.

Returning to my home, it felt strange. Like I no longer belonged there. The person in the mirror was a stranger to me. My voice had lost its pitch, clothes didn’t fit and I had to depend on others for most of my basic needs – showering, dressing, eating and sometimes using the facilities. A whole new team of people was hired to provide on-going care and the rehabilitation I required.

In a blink of an eye, I went from a completely independent, physically fit, career- driven, fashionista who was adventurous and social. To someone who was a pajama wearing, with-drawn home body completely dependent on others.

I underwent various surgeries . One of which was receiving an artificial right elbow to compliment the steel bars and screws in my right forearm. During these times there were some break through moments when I thought I could beat this. I would get a burst of energy and push myself only to be beaten by exhaustion, pain and frustration.

As weeks turned to months and months turned to years, the pain and torment at the loss of me pre-accident self was hard and didn’t seem to be getting easier. At times it seemed even more painful than the physical agony I dealt with every day.

To this day I still miss my old self terribly, but I started to realize that to move forward I must find the strength to close the chapter of my pre-accident life and embrace the process of creating a new life.

By sharing my struggles and triumphs, I hope to inspire anyone who is going through a life changing experience to keep going, to not give up (myself included). I want my journey to encourage and give insight that there is life after a trauma and you can live again and create a new life.

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