How to create a life of abundance, joy, and limitless potential.


Cultivating positivity in your life creates profound changes in both your internal and external landscapes, empowering you to become the best version of yourself.


• Focus on what you really want to manifest in your life.
• See new opportunities for growth and expansion.
• Believe in yourself more than ever before.
• Forge the destiny you've always wanted, and fulfill your life's purpose,
• Step into a role of leadership as you help others find their own destinies.


Positive Thinking



Are you ready to become more courageous than you’ve ever been before? Are you ready to step into your personal power, and away from those patterns, people, and roles that no longer serve you?


Hi, I’m Heidi Allen.

I dedicate my life’s work to motivate and inspire others to live up to their highest version of themselves by reframing their minds, restructuring their habits, and building lives of positivity.

I started Positive People Army to help spread the same positive mindset that changed my life. What started as a blog grew into a Facebook community of 14,000 members.

Now, I have developed a framework to help even more people like you who are ready to let go of past habits and step into brighter, happier futures.


Make a change that will benefit the rest of your life:

commit to a positive mindset

Understanding The Method

The Positive People Army...


Is a community that supports and inspires its members to create the lives they want to live by cultivating positivity in their everyday mindsets and routines. Because major lifestyle changes require commitment and persistence, we help one another stay on track and meet challenges with an army.


We accomplish this mission by:


• Daily connection via social media - holding one another accountable and finding strength in numbers.

Meet us on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram.

• Weekly 90-minute Positivity in Practice Online Workshops that provide safe, comfortable spaces to learn about positivity and discover new practices, exercises, and tips to transform your life

• Diving deeper through the EMPPACT Leadership Program

Learn the Process Week-by-Week

























What's It Cost?

You will receive access to four Positive In Practice workshops each month for three months for only

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597 12 workshops
  • 3 payments of $199
  • Deducted every month
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For the first 50 participants after which pricing will increase to $997.


For the first three months, you’ll have access to Heidi’s direct support line for free so that you have all the support you need between workshops. Making the mental shift to reframe to a positive mindset will be that much easier knowing that you’ll have all the support you need.

A $3000 value!

Our Guarantee
If after your first four workshops, you don’t notice any changes, we’ll refund you completely. Any time after that, you can cancel and we’ll refund any future credits immediately.


Is This Right For Me?

Are you seeking a supportive environment with clear guidelines and practices to help hold you accountable and on track to your goals? Do you feel pulled towards positivity and away from past patterns that no longer empower you? Are you ready for overflowing abundance, joy, and inner peace? The Positive People Army can help. Of course making major life changes can be difficult, with our methodology and supportive community, we can do this together.

Here’s what other people are saying…

Fonthill, Ontario

Always something New!

The workshops are very valuable and can help people live a more positive life. I especially loved the Resilience workshop.

Mia-106 (2)

Mia Ferrara

St. Catharines, Ontario

An abundance effect!

I did not realize how much "impact" it was going to have on me. The PIP workshops are opening me up to a whole new level of thinking.


Leanne Weasner

Fonthill, Ontario

Let's change the way we think!

I am a work in progress but have made so many supportive friends who help build everyone, rather than tear them down.


Victoria Saliba

Still not sure? Let’s chat. We want to make sure that you are feeling confident and prepared for this next step in your life.


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