A beggar sat on the road for more than thirty years begging for pennies. One day a man passed by the beggar… “Spare some change?” asked the beggar. 

The man replied, “I have nothing to give you, but what is this thing you are sitting on?”

The beggar said, “It’s an old box I’ve been sitting on for a long time.”

“Have you tried opening it to see what is inside?” the man asked. The beggar replied, “Of course not, there is nothing inside, it is empty.”

The man insisted the beggar look inside, and to his surprise, he discovered an abundance of gold and treasure.

The beggar had actually lived almost his entire life begging for pennies, while he sat on a fortune of treasure.

So, What’s the Lesson?

Its simple…all of life’s treasures are within.

When you’re searching outside yourself, when you are begging life to give you things that are within your reach, you’ll never experience the fullness of life you deserve. All of life’s treasures are within.

It’s about believing in yourself and going for gold because you deserve more than pennies. You deserve more than you’ve been led to believe you deserve. When you let go of the idea of your limited worth you open up space for unlimited possibilities.

Dig deep for that treasure. Go within and see what you’re really made of. Cheers to your treasure within!


Heidi Allen is the founder of the Positive People Army and shares her daily motivation each day. Check back each day to read her insights or join the PPA membership to receive a daily email.

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