Weekly 90-minute live & interactive online personal development workshops.



Personal development isn’t something that happens to you – it’s something you must choose to do for yourself to further your growth. Designed and developed around 12 positive themes, these workshops enlighten, empower and engage all participants to become the best version of themselves.

Learn to focus on what you really want to manifest in your life.

Discover new opportunities for growth and expansion.

Access tools to believe and trust in yourself more than ever before.

Implement systems to achieve your goals to be the person you most want to be.

Always something new!  The workshops are very valuable and can help people live a more positive life. 

I especially love the Resilience workshop. 

Mia Ferrera

NeurOptimal NeuroFeedback Trainer, Cognitive Balance

The 4 Week AWARENESS Workshop Series:

Journaling can be so powerful. It helps you to develop and understand your thoughts and feelings as well as affirm and manifest what you want in life. The journaling PIP will educate you on the benefits of journaling as well as the different forms of journaling. You will be inspired to start writing to remove mental blocks and to better understand yourself, others and the world around you.

Excuse-making is a behaviour we express that hurts our own performance and motivation. It serves as a distraction of sorts that prevents us from achieving the task, but it stems from a deeper, unconscious desire to protect ourselves against anxiety and shame. The excuse workshop identifies the reasons why we make excuses and helps to eradicate them to begin focusing on solutions, opportunities and on the things that do work.

Resilience is the quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever. It’s the ability to overcome challenges of all kinds–trauma, tragedy, personal crises, plain ‘ole’ life problems–and bounce back tougher, wiser, and more personally powerful. The Resiliency workshops equips out with the tools to become more resilient in all aspects of your life.


We all want to live happy lives and be surrounded by genuine people who care about us in our personal and professional lives. This workshop will identify toxic personalities and how to positively rid them from your life.



The 4 Week MINDSET Workshop Series:

(Series begins in January 2019. Tickets go on sale December 1st)

Regardless of what it is you want to accomplish, the path to success must begin by adopting a success mindset. The Success Mindset workshop dives deep into growth and fixed mindsets and as well as the importance of failure to achieve success.


Gratitude may be one of the most overlooked tools that we all have access to every day. Cultivating gratitude doesn’t cost any money and it certainly doesn’t take much time, but the benefits are enormous. The gratitude workshop will dive into the benefits of gratitude and how to implement practices into your life.


Often times we are frustrated with the things we cannot change. If we can let go of those things, notice them, and accept them, we can move on to changing our inner perspective on life. The perspective workshop helps to reframe how we can easily shift our perspective to avoid challenges in life.


It is said that one of the keys to happiness lies within the management of expectations of people and circumstances. Often we tend to believe that the way we treat others will be the way we are treated in return. But, unfortunately, this does not always happen. The expectation workshop will help you understand the healthy and unhealthy expectations and how to eliminate what you don’t need and implement new realistic practices.

The 4 Week ACTION Workshop Series:

(Series begins in March 2019. Tickets go on sale February 1st)
Learning to set boundaries is necessary to build self-confidence and to maintain a positive self-concept, or self-image. It’s an important way of communicating to others that we have self-respect, self-worth, and will not allow others to define us. The boundary workshop dives into the different types of boundaries and how to ensure your boundaries are healthy in all aspects of your life.
One of the most powerful tools in self-motivation, is to understand that setting a goal is just one part of the process. The Goal Setting Workshops uncovers the why, the what and how to achieve your goals without getting overwhelmed or giving up.
Who hasn’t been hurt by the actions or words of another? These wounds can leave you with pain, feelings of anger and bitterness. The Forgiveness workshop helps you to embrace peace, hope, gratitude and most of all forgiveness in all aspects of your life.
Ultimately, people are attracted to authenticity. It makes them feel comfortable, safe, and respected. We want to be around and associated with authentic people. Yet, many of us worry that our “real” self isn’t good enough or appropriate for the situation at hand. So instead of showing up as yourself, you show up as the person you think everyone else will like. The authenticity workshop will help power through the self-doubt to embrace your true authentic self.

An abundance effect!  I did not realize how much “impact” it was going to have on me.

The PIP workshops opened me up to a whole new level of thinking.

Leanne Weasner

Positivity in Practice Workshop Leader









I was a little apprehensive joining the leadership program as I wasn’t fully certain I would fit in. However, I felt right at home, empowered and that I fully belonged upon entering the doors. This program was a game changer, a life shifter and a monumental moment in time.

Jhannell Edwards

Positivity in Practice Workshop Leader

Looking for a supportive environment with clear guidelines and practices to help hold you accountable and on track to hit your goals?

Feeling pulled towards positivity and away from past patterns that no longer empower you?

Are you ready for overflowing abundance, joy, and inner peace?

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The PPA leadership program allowed me to break through a barrier that I wasn’t even able to define. This was a spring board into my next big adventure.

Kathryn Reichheld

Positivity in Practice Workshop Leader

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