The Positive People Army is on a mission to make people’s dreams come true…one dream at a time. Everyone has a dream, but sometimes life gets in the way and a dream feels like it can never become a reality.

The Positive People Army wants to change this! Our goal is to inspire others to carry out acts of kindness, with no expectation of reward, other than the happiness in your heart because you helped someone else. There are endless opportunities to spread love, kindness and change the world every day. 


1) Anyone can apply to have their dream come true by filling out a PPA Dream Application. Once the dream has been submitted an email is sent with instructions to begin the dream process.

2) All dream candidates will be interviewed, along with their references before we begin planning the dream.

3) Once a dream qualifies, we will begin planning and organizing how to make the dream a reality. Vendors, organizers, and businesses will be contacted to create our dream budget (how much it will cost to purchase and deliver the dream) and tentatively booked. 

4) Then the dream candidate will be asked to submit a video and photos to create a bio pak (who they are, what their dream is and why it will make a difference in their life), which will be added to the PPA Website to begin the fundraising. We will also announce the businesses/vendors that we are using to make the dreams come true. 

4) The dream will be announced with a deadline and to fundraising will begin on the PPA Dream Go FundMe campaign.

5) Once the funds have been raised the dream will be delivered!


For many people, their dreams are far from reach because they just don’t have the resources to make it a reality. Life circumstances, illness, and setbacks have knocked them down and yet they have never given up on their dreams.

This is why today is the perfect day to make someone’s dream come true. Just think how great, powerful and amazing it would be to see someone’s dream come alive with just a small donation. This one act of kindness can change someone’s life

The PPA is on a mission to make this a reality with the PPA Dreams Project!


1) It is imperative that we help raise funds to make each dream a reality. If you want to help, please donate at PPA Dream Go FundMe!

2) Please sign up to become a PPA Angel. Our PPA Angels help with fundraising and delivering dreams. Sign up today!

3) It is going to take an army of vendors to pull off the PPA Dreams. Please email if you have a service or product we may be able to use to make dreams come true you.


1) The PPA has a set an overall Go FundMe goal to raise money to make people’s dreams come true.

2) Each dream has its own fundraising goal. Once the amount has been reached in the Go FundMe campaign, it will be withdrawn and used to make the dream come true.

3) As the money is used within the campaign, the PPA will publish the dream gifted and the amount used and what is left within the campaign.

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