Positive People Army


Because dreams really do come true!


Do you love watching feel-good movies when a person’s
dream comes true? It’s a feeling of joy and magic like
no other. 

A moment that truly changes a person forever!

What if I told you….your dream could come true or that you could help make this possible for someone else.
Would you want to be a part of that?



Hello, my name is Heidi Allen and I’m the founder of the Positive People Army.
What started out as a blog has now become an online positive movement with thousands of people from
all over the world. People who share their hopes, dreams and positive energy on a daily basis.
We’ve actually created a beautiful space to support and inspire each other every day.


However, now it’s time to make a bigger difference in each other’s lives! 

You see there was a time when my job was to help make dreams come true. I worked as a television producer and every week I helped make dreams come true. With every dream granted I watched people transform.
Physically, mentally and spiritually. Their lives were forever CHANGED!  

I believe the Positive People Army can do the same thing!


Do you dream about learning how to sing? Maybe you’ve always wanted to publish your own book, or dreamed of being reunited with a family member living afar or dreamt of receiving enough money to get ahead in life.
Yet, life has knocked you down and you just don’t feel like your dreams could ever come true. What if I told you they could? Maybe you don’t feel special enough to have your dreams fulfilled. What if I told you, you are! 

….the Positive People Army to prove it! 


The Positive People Army is on a mission to make people’s dreams come true…one dream at a time.

Through the help of funds raised by a PPA GoFundMe 
campaign people’s dreams will be granted.
If you or someone you know needs a little magic in their life and wants to see their dream come true, apply to make this happen.

Tell us your story or nominate someone to have their dream come true. It’s just that easy. Then start spreading the word
and help us raise the funds to make it happen!


Together we truly can make a difference! 


We live in a world inundated by negative news and the Positive People Army wants to change that! With the help of generous people like yourself, we are asking you to help us raise funds through our Go FundMe Dream account to start making people’s dreams come true.

Once we are able to raise the necessary funds to make a qualified dream come true, It is up the “PPA Dream Team” to organize and plan the much-needed dream.

All dreams will be documented and shared to inspire and motivate the PPA with some Positive Good News.


Together we truly can make a difference! 


The goal is to grant 100 dreams in 2019!

From the largest to the smallest and everything in between. Each dream will also be documented and shared to inspire and motivate more dreams! I believe it’s up to all of us to acknowledge each other and spread contagious positive energy. By making dreams come true we will help people find themselves as well as sharing in the kindness by doing so.

Together we truly can make a difference!

Pulling Off the PPA Dreams 

Anyone can apply for a dream by filling in the dream application form. Once an application has been submitted the dream team will contact the dreamer and start the qualifying process. After a dream has been approved the PPA Dream Team will introduce the dreamer and announce the wish through the PPA website and on social media platforms. It is then up to the community to help us raise the funds through the PPA Dream Go FundMe account to help make it happen. When the funds have been raised the PPA Dream Team and PPA Angels will arrive to deliver the dream in person!


Heidi met Liz two years ago and they instantly became friends. Then just over a year ago, Liz became a PPA Leader and the two were totally in synch to inspire, motivate and make a difference in the world.

Liz has always had a passion to help others and has volunteered with the homeless, donated time at food banks, family shelters, and multiple pet organizations. Creating dreams comes naturally to her, as she works with kids on a daily basis showing them life is full of fun and magic.

Also please meet Christine McDonald and Caroline Joy Venton. Two well-known, loyal PPA leaders who have gone above and beyond in every way. We are proud they have agreed to lead our PPA Angel Volunteers.

Sign up today to become a PPA Angel Volunteer and help us deliver some PPA Dreams to some deserving people.

Are you motivated to make a difference in the world? Do you love putting a smile on someone’s face?  Have you always felt like being a Fairy Godmother? Join the PPA Dream Team TODAY!

Apply for a dream?

Everyone has a dream. Whether it’s to travel, conquer a fear, or complete a bucket list item. Anything can be your personal dream and they are unique to the individual. Yet, many times life gets in the way and our dreams are always put on the back burner.

The Positive People Army wants to change that! Apply today to qualify to have your dream come true. No dream is too big or too small when you have an army of people behind you to help make your dreams comes true!

Fill out the form below and share the Go FundMe page with your friends and family to help us raise the money to make your dream come true! 

Also, sign up below to become a dream volunteer! Help deliver dreams, share dream stories and help the campaign to raise PPA Dream Money! Sign up below. 

Help Make Dreams Come True!

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