Six in the City Raffle Donation

Become a Six in the City Business Donor.

Six in the City - Gift Donation Form

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Thank you for submitting a request to have your business featured as one of Six in the City’s raffle participants.

Rules to submit:
1) Each donated gift must be a tangible object or gift card (no cash gifts)
2) Each gift must have a minimum value of $50.00
3) We prefer you to purchase a ticket to attend the event that your gift is being offered to show your support and network your business.

In return for your gift we would like to offer the following promotion:
1) Leading up to the event the Positive People Army and She the Mighty will post branded content on all social media platforms and within the event page itself on Facebook
2) A branded promotional display of gift at the Six in the City event
3) Promotional mention and a short bio of the company during the giveaway 4. A Thank you mention with a link back to your website on the thank you email the day after the event

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