Heidi’s contagious energy, passion and humor make her one of those rare motivational speakers that can entertain and inspire any audience while igniting change.

A sought-after keynote speaker, Heidi shares the life and career lessons she has acquired to deliver game changing messages to companies, trade associations, and intimate events.

Heidi provides a formula for success that is easily transferable across industries and fuels audiences with the inspiration to improve their performance.

Heidi is now at her best helping others grow and inspire them to find their “A-ha!” moments. She imagines a world where the need for work-life balance has been eliminated and she is intent on building positive, powerful and supportive cultures where people can just focus on living a happy life. Her passion around this belief shines through in each engagement.

Whether you’re looking to organize a workshop, host a keynote speaker or panel, or even a combination of all three, Heidi will engage audiences and deliver inspiring, practical information and tools that will get results.

Born with an unwavering ambition to make a difference in the world, Heidi has always set the bar high when it came to her careers. Her professional journey included working as a radio co-host, a television personality and even an award-winning producer on the Marilyn Denis Show. Yet, she always knew something bigger lay ahead.

Since leaving her high-profile career in television, Heidi has become an admired positive social media influencer, a three-time published Chicken Soup for the Soul author a popular motivational speaker and recently she released her own published book called Stories: Finding your Wings.

Heidi touched upon what inspires us, how we can tap into our gratitude, our strengths, weaknesses and how to just let go and watch things happen.  

What a motivational speaker!

Sandy Gaidola

Thank you Heidi, we are so happy you could join us today to speak.

Your gratitude is contagious and your tips were great!

Mompreneur Conference

The moment you started talking, I started to nod and smile. Your talk taught me so much. I will enjoy and use your words wisely.

Thank you Heidi, you made my night!

Sky Delaney

We’re all capable of much more than we realize. A brilliant and charismatic speaker, Michell Smith inspires, challenges and empowers her audiences to perform at their highest levels possible.

Openly sharing her real life experiences from opening her first company at 21, living in her office and sleeping behind her desk with a crowbar for the first year, then building the largest and most successful B2B and B2C sales force in Canadian history – 30 offices with over 1000 sales reps billing over 10 million dollars in commissions for over a decade. Michell draws on her 25+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and shares the direct route to extreme success with actionable insights on motivation, high performance and leadership.

She’s conducted over 50,000 job interviews, coached thousands of executives, helped open over 100 companies, and spoken on stage over 5000 times.

She is the bestselling author of The Six Questions, Founder of She The Mighty™, the CEO of The Positive People Army, and has her 4th book Lead coming out in all major bookstores, Summer 2019.

If you’re looking for someone to inspire, instigate, challenge and inform your audience on how to succeed, while making them laugh, ask Michell to give her “crystal balls” speech and watch your room be transformed…

Michell made all 3000 of us want to be better men. She captivated an impossible room and changed our lives in 9 crazy minutes.

Conference Attendee - Sales Success

Michell is a welcome addition to the leaders of change. She guides you to succeed at what truly matters the most, and shows you that the answers you are looking for lie inside the incredible person you already are.

Jay Conrad Levinson

I’ve never seen anyone do what Michell did to our audience.  She infected them with inspiration, hope, confidence and passion.

Sheila Logan

To enquire about having Heidi or Michell, or both of them speak at your event or conference, please reach out by email below.  Please include the date, type of event, theme of event, # of attendees and topics you are looking for.

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