I love to wear hats! I have for years and own a pretty nice collection of them! I wear them for fashion or because I’m having a bad hair day…like today hahahahah. Yet, no matter what the reason I’m still showing up as myself. 💖

I say this because there was a time when I wore a different accessory on a regular basis….a mask. 😷

You see, I wore an emotional mask often. In fact, I never left the house without it. I honestly feared that if I stood tall and exposed myself without my mask, I’d be “weak” in some way. But what I realized was that when I wore a mask I was actually standing in resistance to my true life. Also, it caused me to attract realities and people that conflicted with who I really am.🙎‍♀️

Knowing this…I realized I needed to make a braver choice. So, I decided to ditch this particular accessory. 👍

Now being maskless – I allow my authentic and vulnerable self to shine. I learned that showing my vulnerability wasn’t weak…it’s courageous! I also discovered that when I chose to take off my mask – to live as my authentic self – I knew I could still get hurt, but I was willing to lean into that pain because with the right people I would find the kind of connection that I had been yearning for, for years!! 🌷

So, I ask all of you…what accessory are you wearing…and is it letting your authentic self shine through?🌟

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