For a number of years, I’ve gotten into a practice of setting an intention each day. Do you set intentions? Or maybe you’re in a habit of setting goals. However, the two really aren’t the same thing. 

Let me explain.

You see, intentions provide you with reminders of how you want to live your life. They’re often related to internal things like motivation and inspiration. Moreover, they could be associated with characteristics you display toward yourself or others, such as kindness or openness.💕

In contrast, goals typically relate to tangible, outward things, such as losing 10 pounds or learning to a new skill. Goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-specific.

In fact, when setting goals, people usually plan how they’ll reach those milestones and some even make those plans public. They might mention them on social media or talk to their friends about how to achieve the goals.

However sometimes your intentions can actually line up with your goals.

You might set a goal of earning at least $10,000 more this year. Then to help shift your mindset to reach your goal you may create an accompanying intention to awaken your inner desire to learn and discover new things. By doing that, you might recognize opportunities to boost your income, thereby finding yourself able to meet the goal with the help of the intention you set.

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